Néctar - Rejuvinating teas, whole food cooking and hot chocolate to remember!!!

Located in the heart of the historical district of Cuenca, Ecuador, Nectar Tea House and Gallery offers the most nutricious alternative food and drinks in the area.

We have an  Andean and International fusion menu which changes on a daily basis.  We use moslty local and organic grains, fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  Whole food Vegan, and raw food are part of our menu.  One will find wheat gluten, and dairy free choices.  There are no refined sugar and salt used in our cooking!  Most of our dishes are prepared in traditional clay pots!


Benigno Malo 10-42
Cuenca, Ecuador 07 4045049

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Mon-Fri 12-4pm

Best falafel Sandwich of the city!!!

Daily Lunch Specials
Gluten Free four course meal for only $3.50