Tienda Néctar en centro historico de Cuenca

Located in the heart of the historical district of Cuenca, Ecuador,  Health Food Store and Juice Bar offers the most nutricious alternative foods and drinks in the area.

Super alimentos, hortalizas y productos organicos, naturales y alternativos.

We have a variety of natural, organic, alternative super foods, Andean and Amazonian

Whole foods, raw foods, fermented probiotics, are part of some of our products. 

One will find wheat gluten, and dairy free choices. 

A variety of local cold pressed oils are stocked on our shelves!


Benigno Malo 12-27 y Gaspar Sangurima
Cuenca, Ecuador 07 4045049

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Gluten free products

Food Suplements

Probiotics (Kombucha, Kefir, Saurkraut, Kimchi, Nutritious Yeast, Miso)

Therapeutic Massage sessions

Store and Juice bar hours

MondayFriday: 10:0017:00

Saturday: 8:0010:00

Sunday: Closed